Make Spiritual Progress!

15 Feb

Jay Shree Radhekrishna

Jay Shree Poojya Shree Shree Amma

Jay Shree Mahan Brahma Shree Gopalavallidasar

Jay Shree Radhekrishna Sathsangam


Bhagawan Shri Krishna is the Supreme Truth.To realise Him is the purpose of attaining human birth. Material progress is essential. But above materiality lies spirituality. One should be strong both on material and spiritual front.

People are strong only in the material front. They neglect spirituality. To them spirituality is boring, wasting time on someone or something you can’t see and all such things of such sort. What they fail to realise is the fact that spirituality acts as a lever and pushes them up to do well in the material front without any tensions or pressures.

True the business, political, educational arenas are full of pressures due to cutthroat competition. But clinging to spirituality does reduce the pressure to a very great extent. One feels light like a feather. But for this, unconditional faith in Bhagawan is required. While we are working, a part of the mind is constantly occupied in family, current affairs and other thoughts. True spirituality is to divert this part of the mind to Bhagawan at all times.

Constant thinking comes from chanting His Name continuously. You need not sit in front of the idol or be in the temple for 24 hours. The main thing is to realise Lord Krishna who is seated in everyone’s heart. Chanting His Name is the fullstop to all sufferings. By continous chanting Lord Krishna will answer every query from within the heart. He knows everything. Human senses are imperfect. So by approaching the Lord, one seeks answers to every query. This process helps in spiritual and material progress.

This is a tested method. Positive results have been achieved. We have to do our work free from attachment and dedicate the work to Lord Krishna. This is the only way one can realise The Ultimate even while performing one’s duties.

Radhekrishna… Continue thinking, continue chanting…

Jai Hind. Radhekrishna.

Keep on Chanting the Divine Name Radhekrishna. Chanting His Name gives peace and eternal happiness.

Sarvam Guruvaarpanam

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